Practical Guidance on College & Careers


Students are told

Get a diploma

Get a degree

Get a good job

What happens when they do all of that and are unhappy?

That’s why Lawson College Consulting is here.



I’m Lyndia Lawson. Owner & Founder of Lawson College Consulting.

I am a passionate counselor, speaker and educator.

I believe education is the cornerstone to success!

I am an experienced public high school teacher and counselor.

I have an Ed.S Degree in School Counseling from Argosy University. I had a successful career in public education before staying home to raise my daughter.

I am motivated by my passion to help youth maximize success.

I love working with parents, students and the community.

My coaching services are personalized and results driven. I create a collaborative environment.

I am committed to helping families build a college plan that is consistent with the academic competencies of the student, the budget of the family, and a college plan that will lead to a real career, post college.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet!