How We Help Students and Parents

Career/College Major Planning

The proper way to plan for college is CAREER-MAJOR-COLLEGE.

Our students get to know themselves through comprehensive personality profiles and aptitude tests. We learn the student’s strengths, what makes them tick, and which careers and majors fit them well.

Once majors are determined, colleges can be selected that offer majors of interest. Remember you are planning for a lifetime not solely the next 4 years.

College Selection

We're big believers in finding colleges that “feel like home”. With our guidance, students research colleges to ensure that feeling and compile a list of colleges to apply to.

We are committed to helping families build a college plan that is consistent with the academic competencies of the student, the budget of the family and a college plan that will lead to a real career post college.

College Admission

We help our students complete applications and essays that represent who they are and what they've accomplished. We manage and ensure that all deadlines are met and that students have completed their best work.

Financial Aid

Affordability is an important aspect of the college planning process. We give parents a customized and accurate expected family contribution (EFC) report and review options to see if your family can lower this contribution. 

We also guide parents on how to accurately complete the FAFSA.